Hey, I’m really getting the hang of this!

A few weekends back I finally conquered the buttonhole sewing feature on my sewing machine.  I had done buttonholes once before, but I didn’t remember it being so difficult.  After many trial sews, I finally managed to finish a shirt for Arcadia that I started a while back.  First, here’s the buttons I slaved over:

Ideally there should be more buttons, but when I bought the fabric I only bought 2 buttons, not knowing what I’d make.  Possibly I’ll buy 2 more buttons to finish off the shirt or even sew the bottom of the shirt together, I’m just afraid the shirt won’t fit very well if I do that.  I had already cut off a few inches from the bottom (I had intended to make this more of a tunic top to wear with leggings) because I didn’t think it’d fit well around her hips/belly. I’m still working on my pattern making as I have yet to make the perfect shirt pattern – the resulting clothes always end up too small or too big.  But either way, Arcadia still likes it and likes all the clothes I make for her, which keeps me going.

To make the shirt I followed the Pleated Top tutorial.  Reading the tutorial made pleats sound so easy, but I cursed and complained all while trying to make the pleats for this shirt.  They turned out well, I just didn’t understand where to sew and how to fold the fabric.  I vowed not to try pleats again, well at least not for a while.

Then, this weekend I busted out quite a few projects.  First up was a pair of leggings for Arcadia from an old shirt of mine.  I made Arcadia’s leggings from the arms, they turned out to be a good width for the leg, and had the main part of the shirt leftover, so I made Hazel a pair of leggings too!  Don’t mind the stains on Hazel’s, I had to pull them out of the laundry.

My next shirt upcycling was a shirt for Arcadia.  This time, I modified the raglan tee pattern, and used another long-sleeve shirt I had on hand from my closet.  I added some bias tap that I’d made when making a bapron for Hazel. (I was going to link back to the bapron I made, but I guess I never posted the one I made Hazel or the ones I made my cousin’s son…guess I need to get better with my posts.)  The shirt ended up a little big, but that didn’t stop Arcadia from wanting to wear it right away (hence the stains – again, I had to pull the shirt from the laundry to photograph for this post).

And finally this weekend I sewed Hazel a baby blanket.  I bought the flannel fabric for the blanket months ago from Joann’s, and then cut out the pieces at least a month or so ago.  Then, during my scheduled sewing time on Sunday I finished it.  I proceeded to try to take pictures of it with Hazel and this is the best photo of the bunch.  You can’t really see the blanket, but you can pretend.  It’s basically a square blanket with elephant fabric on the front and pink flannel with multicolored polka-dots for the back and binding.  Its super soft and will be Hazel’s school blanket (in fact, it went to school today).

And that’s all.  Whew, I should post more frequently so I don’t have to make such long posts of all my projects!

2 comments to Hey, I’m really getting the hang of this!

  • g'ma

    Wow! LOve all the projects – it’s great you can sometimes use material from leftover clothes you have. what a great way to recycle! I like the elephant material used for the blanket – very cute! Hazel’s head looks so slim in that picture – she’s really changing. Arcadia’s expresions are always so perfect in these posed pictures – how do you get her to look that way?

  • Kathryn

    The shot of Arcadia was a fluke. She does like getting her photo taken, but she rarely sits still or even looks at the camera. She let me take like 5 photos and I was lucky to get this one.

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